We take pleasure in stating that we have gathered a pool of talented technical and non-technical staffs who have demonstrated their expertise and dedications in fulfilling their duties and responsibilities. We have a team of top system, network and datacenter expert and hence they are always eager to tailor our valued client’s ICT solution and service. The qualified and competent human resources are InfraSoft’s indispensable assets.

The Executive Leadership comprising of the Chairman and CEO governs and leads the organization in general. They are responsible in defining mission, vision, values and setting goal target for the company. They mainly focus on envisioning the future of the company, directions and policy level decisions.

This department is responsible for the ongoing and upcoming sales of the organization. The task of this department is selling and promoting services of the organization to potential clients. It is responsible to meet the sales and marketing targets that have been set. This department also looks for potential software product market and orders the software development team to develop according to the market demand.

This department comprises of system Administrator, system Engineers and IT support personnel and is responsible to provide IT support to whole organization. This department is also responsible to delivery IT Infrastructure solutions that includes server setup and configuration, server collocation, disaster recovery and business continuity solution, data/information security solutions. Besides this, the department also handles IT support services, IT hardware, any third party software supply and so on.

This department is responsible for overall management of administrative, logistical, legal matters and other day-to-day functioning of organization including accounting, finance and HR management (recruitment of staff, training, performance appraisal, communication and handling other HR related issues within organization). This department plays an important role in controlling the core functions of the company.