RG-N18006-X Data Center Switch

Highlight Features

  • Midplane-free design and Clos orthogonal architecture, ensuring non-blocking data forwarding
  • 6-slot chassis, various ports, and 24 GB large cache on a single card, better handling data center surge traffic
  • Midplane-free design, direct airflow, and cold and hot airflow isolation, greatly improving heat dissipation efficiency
  • Counter-rotating fan design, improving heat dissipation efficiency; titanium-level power supply, delivering up to 96% power conversion efficiency
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    • Ideal for ultra-large campus and data center networks
    • Ideal for high-performance computing with ultra-low latency
    • CLOS non-blocking architecture
    • Scalable capacity for future expansion: up to 576 100GE, 576 40GE, 2304 10GE ports
    • Ready for future: support 100G Ethernet 
    • RG-N18006-X Data Center Switch Datasheet


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